IRCsource AUP




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IV.       GLINES


V.        KILLS









      I.        INTRODUCTION


This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs the activity on the IRCsource chat network.


From the outset it should be noted that no set of rules can cover every contingency, common sense must be used. These services are tools for dealing with network routing and abuse, not toys to impress friends. When in doubt or dealing with new issues, seek out the collective wisdom of others, this is a team effort.


Any violation of this AUP may result in a range of discipline as outlined in Section VIII: WARNING/SUSPENSION/REMOVAL/APPEAL.





1.     Only one admin per server may vote. Admins who represent multiple servers may only vote once and must choose their voting server at time of casting their vote.


2.     Linking a new server requires 50% majority. All new servers are on a 30 day trial and may be rejected at anytime during the trial period from a admin majority agreement. New servers will have no voting access or access to the Mailing List.


3.     Other Votes regarding servers.

a.     Delink a Server: 50%

b.    Link a Hub: 2/3

c.     Delink a Hub: 2/3

d.    Relocate Services: 2/3 (defined as Network Services, Website, Mailing list, and all other services related to IRCsource.


4.     If you miss 4 consecutive votes you will be suspended from the voting system until request to be added again.





General Rules:


1.     All Servers should run NTP, XNTP or another device to keep time in sync and accurate using one or more servers.


2.     All servers must be TS6 Compatible. If you're not sure what TS6 is, please read this document We allow the use of non Ratbox or Hybrid IRCDs. But they must support the rest of the features of the network. If an admin would like to bring an ircd to the network that has not been used before it will have to be voted in by the Admins.


3.     Servers must maintain a current code set of X.X of at least three revisions (2.1.x and 2.2.x for example) Hubs are exempt from this rule as long as they meet all other requirements. Network Upgrades will be announced.


4.     Servers must have the following set;


a.     nicklen=9

b.    Port 6667 open and reachable from the outside world

c.     hide_spoof_ips=yes

d.    Glines Supported minimum 24 hours.

e.     topiclen=160

f.     maxlist=100

g.    maxbans=200


5.     Abusive modules such as (opme, forcejoin etc). Specifically, no server shall run any ircd modification that violates user privacy including but not limited to operspy capabilities without accountability, and/or circumventing channel modes such as +i/+b. Additionally, no server shall sniff privmsg or other traffic at the ircd or any other level for purposes other than troubleshooting technical problems. In the event that there is controversy over a particular modification, the server(s) in question will remove the modification immediately upon request from any admin until a vote on the particular modification can be discussed, called, and passed.


6.     You must be able to dedicate time to this server. If you cannot and you still wish to remain linked you must authorize a second admin and that admin must have shell access. We have too many servers who have incorrect time (see rule 1) we must be able to maintain active Admins on every server.


7.     Staying Linked;


1.     Admins must report to the admin list if server is not re-linked within 72 hours.

2.     Major server problems must be updated to the admin list every 2 weeks.

3.     If a server is not re-linked within 31 days that server qualifies for delink without a vote based on 3 Admins.


8.     Oper Additions; all Oper additions require a notification to the admin list and a 72 hour waiting period before Opers can be added. Any admin may call for a reject on the Oper addition. The rejection must be seconded by another admin. The admin may apply for the same Oper after a 6 month waiting period.


9.     Spoofing; spoofing must be on non-existent domains, unless spoofed user owns the domain. The spoof cannot be of a domain that can exist but doesn't yet. If the user wishes to spoof a uncreated domain they must purchase the domain then request the spoof. Any admin may request a removal of a spoof on the mailing list. Once the request is seconded and thirded then the spoof must be removed within 24 business hours otherwise the said server shall be juped. If three other Admins accept the spoof then an official removal vote must be called.


IV. GLINES: (General Rules)


1.     All servers must have Glines enabled. Admins may choose to not give access to their opers, but their server must support them.


2.     Acceptable Gline Reasons.


a.     Flooding: The definition of flooding is left to the discretion of the Opers placing the Gline. However, let it be said that a client Gline for flooding must truly be disrupting network operations (again, at the discretion of the 3 Opers placing the Gline).


b.    Spamming: Admins may recommend pursuing other methods of dealing with spammers such as reporting them, adding channel bans, and/or klining them. However, It is an acceptable Gline reason should 3 Opers decide to Gline a spammer.


c.     Distribution of Trojans/viruses


d.    Drones: For the purpose of this Gline reason, a client is considered a drone if it meets all of the following requirements:


                                          i.    IRC connection established from a system without the knowledge of a user of the system.

                                         ii.    IRC connection established by a piece of Trojan software with the primary purpose of flooding and/or participating in denial of service attacks.


e.     Drone Runners: Allow the Glining of drone runners immediately before taking control of a channel on which the drone runner's drones are controlled


Note: This does not cover *every* illegitimate client connection established from a compromised system (hackers on bnc's, xdcc bots whose primary purpose is to distribute files, possibly others). So therefore if it does not meet one of the listed reasons above it is left up to an admin, and an admin only to call the Gline.




1.     Birthday kills are a tradition of IRC. Therefore they are allowed.


2.     Mass kills of any kind are not allowed unless announced, and seconded by another oper.


3.     Killing for fun is acceptable as long as its not out of hand. Use your common sense. If you have none, please ask your admin to remove your global kill ability, or if your an admin please remove it from yourself.





1.     This capability may only be used to combat drones. Abuse of these capabilities will be handled on a case-by-case basis.





1.     Operwall is a communication tool. The occasional Dialog boxes or non IRC related information is acceptable. But flooding it with Ascii art it gets old. Use your common sense. If you have none remove yourself as you would for kills.




Note: all references to an operator's admin, means their primary server admin and co-admin (admin-rep) where applicable.


1.     Any server admin or co-admin may remove any oper on their own server without question.


2.     Emergency. Compromised operator client. Juping the server from the network using JUPES.


3.     Actions for abuse (Opers).


a. Private warning. Minor infractions. The operator is reminded about the rules by an Admin.


b. Written (email) warning. This action is to be taken more seriously. Any admin may turn to the admin list to give a network wide warning of all activity of an Oper.


c. 1 Day Oper Suspension. This will require the admin of the server to be involved and suspend their current oper by means of removing the users Oper block for a 24 hour period.


d. Indefinite suspension from all Oper ability. Removal of Oper status from the network.


4.     Administrators. When a server administrator's violation of the AUP becomes apparent, any admin may notify the admin@ mailing list for any violation that would call for action more serious than a private warning/admonishment.


5.     Appeal. An operator's primary admin may immediately appeal an Opers 1 day suspension or an Oper's indefinite suspension. An operator has no right of appeal beyond that agreed upon and taken up by his/her admin. This appeal is between the suspended Opers admin and the person doing the suspend. At this time this issue can be taken to Admins if desired. Admins can decide any punishment (or none) that they believe appropriate, including: lifting the suspension, determine no further action is required, extend the suspension, ban the oper from serving as an IRCsource operator, or any combination of these actions.