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08 Jan 2012 by Time
2012 - The end of the world is nigh!
First off a big Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you drank too much champagne. Far too much. And possibly enjoyed some fireworks.

Now, we must catch up on several (lots!) months of news. Blame work, server downtime and cheese. No idea why cheese would be at fault, but I'm feeling anti-cheese so it seemed apt.

Right, first order of business is to welcome irc.sosdg.org. It is hosted in Seattle, Washington, by raven and Brielle. As is normal by IRCsource standards, it is open for all clients.

Next up a couple of server hops with ircsource.lagged.org and irc.0f.se moving networks; also irc.0f.se became ipv6 enabled. Then irc.corbe.net joined the ipv6 club.

So, the latter part of the year brought about some thinning of the ranks: ircsource.irc6.net, irc2.flexnet.org and ircsource.get.no all delinked.

However, we rung in the new year with two brand spanking shiny new links. Actually, one of them is new, the other is a returning old friend. irc.darkspace.org, administrated by justice and formerly of Canada has upped sticks and travelled to Miami, Florida. As per its previous incarnation it is open for all clients.

The other (and this one is definitely new!) is ircsource.anime.se. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden the admins are genesis and avathar. And, you guessed it, they are accepting all clients.

That's all folks. Do drink responsibly.
30 Dec 2011 by Time
Laziness and 2011
I like leaving things until the last minute, so here is your belated Happy New Year for 2011.

As we can all readily see, I have fundamentally slacked off in updating our news. I can merely apologise for such an oversight. However, the network is still alive, still stable, still thriving.

In the hope of keeping this brief, I may resort to a bulletin-esque list of all the movin' and shakin' that's been going on in the world of IRCsource lately.

First off, ia struck again: renaming irc.sysad.net to irc.alien.net and then [probably] finally renaming it again to irc.rawx.org.

Next up, au decided to leave the network and delink irc.id.au.

In January we welcomed KG648 back into the fold, as he relinked irc.thrusting.me.uk after a short absence.

The first brand spanking new link of the year arrived in March: ircsource.gigenetcloud.com, administered by momo and based in Chicago. It is, as per usual, open for all clients.

Skipping to April, we find the arrival of irc.fortyeight.net. Our first server in Italy, it resides in Milan and is managed by catatonic. Again, it is open for all.

Last, but certainly not least, we warmly welcome back one of the most tenured members of IRCsource; sealie has rejoined the staff, linking irc.opaque.no. The server is based in Tromso, Norway and is open to everyone.

Summer is officially upon us very soon, so enjoy the warm weather if it ever appears! So long and thanks for all the fish.
30 Dec 2011 by Time
Late 2010 Summary
Nearly time for Christmas, IRCsource!

But, first, the news..

The admin body has decided to delink ircsource.averred.net, due to some inconsistencies and lack of activity from the admin.

On the upside, we would like to extend a very warm welcome to Smike as an administrator. He has linked ircsource.lagged.org which is based in Atlanta, GA, USA.

We also saw tydel move irc.net-addicts.net 20km down the road from Easynet to EvoSwitch in Amsterdam, NL.

Now, get back to your seasonal shopping everyone!
30 Dec 2011 by Time
Autumn (Fall to you Americans) so far..
First off: ArcAngel has decided to rename ircsource.flexnet.org to irc2.flexnet.org. Hopefully he'll stick with this one!

And another loss: cjblod has delinked irc.ddraig.org, his stay was brief but memorable, we will undoubtedly miss his contributions to the network.

Finally, shockingly, someone has decided to re-oper stevoo. I'm kidding, it's great to have him back on the team!
30 Dec 2011 by Time
Summer 2010 Summary
Summer was a quiet period for server movement. Lazy people taking holidays and all that jazz.

July brought us ircsource.slektera.org, owned by genesis, based in Seattle and open for all connections.

Exstatica managed to get himself a new job - congratulations - and thus west.us.hub made a small trip to a new location, but has since kept its well earned reputation as the epitome of stability.

Following on, we had raphidae join our ranks with irc.mediamonks.net - he brings with him the DeviantArt IRC community. The server is based in Amsterdam, NL and is free for all to use.

Then, a deep moment of loss. igs.ca.ircsource.net delinked. One of the oldest servers and a very capable servant for ages and ages. It'll be odd to not see its presence in links and map requests.

August was a bit more of a boon, butcha and meh- both linked leafs. irc.coruscant.org and ircsource.blindcortex.net respectively. irc.coruscant.org is based in Scranton, PA and ircsource.blindcortex.net is in Stockholm, Sweden. They are open to all and any connections. Welcome to them both.

Also, irc.coruscant.org made a very large leap from the US to Europe. It is now located in Amsterdam, NL. Thank the foresight of using a non-specific TLD!
30 Dec 2011 by Time
May 2010 Summary
jburges has linked ircsource.averred.net, it is based in Chicago and is open for everyone to use.

Next up we had irc.axions.net linking, the administrator is swift, it is located in Scranton, PA and is open to all connections.

Biggest news of May: a new hub, east.ca.hub, has joined the network. Based in Ontario, it is run by korozion. We hope it will be a long time presence.

Sadly, we had one server leave us. irc.darkspace.ca has delinked, we're sorry to see it go and would like to thank justice for providing it over the last years.
03 May 2010 by Time
April 2010 Summary
Another server renaming ceremony occurred! This time suom1 renamed irc.mupp.fi to irc.bork.fi.

We are also welcoming back an old friend with his own server: dubkat has linked again with irc.sigterm.us, it is based in Fremont, California and is open to all clients.

Next, we have a new admin amongst the staff: au has linked irc.ircrage.net, based in Chicago and free for everyone to use.

That's all for now, peace.
23 Mar 2010 by Time
Delayed news, summary of recent happenings
So, I've been slacking again and it is now time to fill everyone in on what has changed on the network over the last couple of months.

Tero linked irc.jomhod.net and then subsequently renamed it irc.ircsource.de (kind thanks to emmi for the domain) - it is open for all and based in Berlin, Germany. Welcome to him and his users.

ahf decided to rename ircsource.int80.net to ircsource.baconsvin.org.

suom1 linked a second server, this one based in Stockholm and called irc.0f.se. Again, it is open for everyone to use.

A bug was discovered in ircd-ratbox which caused a flurry of upgrades about this time, so we saw a gradual increase in the usage of SSL on a lot of our servers as people moved to using 3.0.6.

Next, blackroot linked irc.speedfreakz.net, based in California and usable by anyone. Welcome to him also.

Finally, hohum has decided to rename irc.jemhadar.org back to its original name: irc.corbe.net.

That's all, folks!
18 Jan 2010 by suom1
Two joins, two leaves.
It's again time to announce some new servers linked to this network. This time we've two new servers. First ircsource.mofo.nl, a server that is located in Holland and maintained by mofo, next server is irc.sier.no located in Norway and maintained by pnk.

During this time we've lost two servers too, which are irc.loopback.fr and irc.coolserver.org.
07 Jun 2009 by Time
irc.ircsource.nl delinks from the network
Due to a lack of communication with the administrator and the server being missing for over 31 days the admin body has decided to delink irc.ircsource.nl.

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