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14 May 2009 by Time
New leaf server: irc.ddraig.org
That time of the month again, welcome to a new server! irc.ddraig.org has linked, it is administrated by cjblod and is open for all. It is located in Chicago, Illinois.
03 May 2009 by Time
ircsource.int80.net links to IRCsource
Welcome to ahf and his new server, ircsource.in80.net. Based in Nuremberg, Germany it is open to all clients. And, we yet again have a German server.
25 Mar 2009 by Time
Catch-up post..
Just a quick post to summarise some of the recent happenings on the network. We have delinked a few servers: irc.qsi.net, irc.ircsource.de, ircsource.irc6.net, irc.v6.net.au (officially) and irc.tux.fi. These are all for various reasons.

irc.darkspace.org became irc.darkspace.ca after a relocation to Toronto.

irc.flexnet.org renamed ircsource.flexnet.org.

We made a move towards upgrading the network to SSL with three of our hubs now using inter-server SSL links and a plethora of leafs offering this.

irc.sysad.net linked courtesy of ia, it is open to all and based in the US.

That's all for now, folks.
25 Mar 2009 by Time
ircsource.get.no links to IRCsource
We have a new server in the EU region, another Norwegian server! ircsource.get.no has been linked in by xerath. It is open to all. Welcome.
10 Oct 2008 by Time
irc.crucialservers.net links to IRCsource
We have a new server in the US region. The admins are lemon and IPSec. It's open to all. Welcome to them.
27 May 2008 by Time
Server rename
hohum has decided to rename irc.corbe.net to irc.jemhadar.org, no change in anything else. I prefer the new name, as should most Star Trek fans..
12 Apr 2008 by Time
New webchat link for IRCsource
Thanks to ArcAngel and ufear, we now have a webchat portal for the network. Simple, easy-to-use and for those times when you're not near your own PC; or just when you can't SSH anywhere: http://webchat.ircsource.nl - and I'll add the link permanently to the top of our pages.
26 Mar 2008 by Time
IRCsource round-robins
Just to announce that we have four useable round-robins:

irc.ircsource.eu contains all European servers,
irc.ircsource.net to reach any open server on the network,
irc.ircsource.org does the same and..
ipv6.ircsource.org is our IPv6 round-robin.

If you ever have a problem with any of them don't hesitate to contact us either via email or on IRC itself via query.
22 Mar 2008 by Time
irc.antinerd.org links to IRCsource
irc.antinerd.org, located in Detroit, has just joined the IRCsource network. The administrator of the server is Silence and it is open to all.
16 Jan 2008 by suom1
Two more servers joins and one leaves.
We're happy to announce two new servers, one from Stockholm in Sweden and one from Rotterdam in Holland. The new Swedish (irc.glck.net) admin is hapan and from Holland (irc.ircsource.nl) we got ufear. And now we announce that one server delinks from IRCsource, its irc.ircwelt.de that have leaved us during long downtimes.

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