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13 Jan 2008 by Time
irc.win-vista.net rename
irc.win-vista.net has been renamed to irc.userdel.com, this is due to McDuck becoming inactive and the A record no longer resolving. Time is now the admin of this server as well.
17 Dec 2007 by suom1
irc.biteme.no links to ircsource
We're happy to welcome another norwegian server, this time located in Oslo. Admin for this server is moore and perri.

Link date: 05/12/2007
22 Nov 2007 by Time
ircsource.irc6.net links to ircsource
ircsource.irc6.net, located in Tallinn in Estonia, has just joined the IRCsource network. The administrator of the server is Silence and it is open to all.
01 Nov 2007 by Time
ircsource.atheme.org delinks from ircsource
nenolod has decided to delink ircsource.atheme.org because the hardware it was hosted on has been decommissioned and he feels that he doesn't have enough to dedicate to the server/network as an admin.
28 Oct 2007 by Time
irc.corbe.net links to ircsource
irc.corbe.net, located in San Diego, has just joined the IRCsource network. The administrator of the server is hohum and it is open to all.
15 May 2007 by suom1
irc.unixnetwork.net delinked
For the same reason as irc.routed.de, irc.unixnetwork.net is getting delinked. The reason is simply not being able to get in contact with the admin and being split for too long. IRCsource is sad to see this server go away.
15 May 2007 by suom1
irc.routed.de delinked
Reason why irc.routed.de has delinked is that the admin has been unreachable and the server have been split way too long. We're sad to see this server from Germany go.
28 Mar 2007 by suom1
New finnish server, irc.mupp.fi
IRCsource is happy to take in a new server located in Finland. The admin of the server is suom1 who was the admin on ircsource.unimatrix.fi before on this network.
21 Mar 2007 by Time
irc.thrusting.me.uk relinks to ircsource
KG648 is now back on track and has relinked irc.thrusting.me.uk. As last time it is based near London in the United Kingdom and is open for all.
21 Mar 2007 by Time
ircsource.zyrki.de delinks from ircsource
Due to some trouble with the provider and the contracts Zyrkon is delinking ircsource.zyrki.de, effective as the 14th October. Sorry to see the server and Peter go.

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