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09 Mar 2007 by Time
irc.netray.de delinks from ircsource
I am forced, once again, to bring you sad news. One of our longest running servers, irc.netray.de, run by sealie and Z-Wing has been delinked. This is due to Z-Wing not having time to partner sealie on the project. Very sorry to see the server go.
04 Mar 2007 by Time
Small re-design of the news
Hardy has been bugging me to make the news more manageable for ages now. So, I did it! I'm not a coder of any description so I merely used cutephpnews or whatever it's called. I hope it's okay for everyone. Also, I moved the "old news", i.e. before these newest 10 entries to here if anyone does ever want to read them again.
28 Feb 2007 by Time
irc.gorbel.no delinks from ircsource
I find this piece of news really saddening to write because I have the utmost respect for moore and his server but he has announced that he is delinking irc.gorbel.no. He will remain on as a second admin on ircsource.ltd.se, however. I, for one, am really sorry to see gorbel go.
26 Feb 2007 by Time
irc.net-addicts.net links to ircsource
irc.net-addicts.net located in Amsterdam, Netherlands has just joined the ircsource network. The administrator of the server is tydel and it is open for all.
21 Feb 2007 by Time
ircsource.atheme.org links to ircsource
ircsource.atheme.org located in Miami, Florida has just joined the ircsource network. The administrator of the server is nenolod and it is open for all.
19 Feb 2007 by Time
irc.minimal.nl delinks from ircsource
Unforeseen circumstances have intervened and the box hosting irc.mininal.nl has been taken down indefinitely according to its admin, sheppard.
17 Feb 2007 by Time
irc.urbanrapids.com delinks from ircsource
Due to an attack on the ircd, irc.urbanrapids.com has been taken offline indefinitely.
11 Feb 2007 by Time
irc.tenet.ac.za delinks from ircsource
The admin of irc.tenet.ac.za has decided to exercise his democratic admin right and withdrawn from the network at this point.
01 Feb 2007 by Time
irc.v6.net.au links to ircsource
irc.v6.net.au located in Perth, Australia has just joined the ircsource network. The administrator of the server is Jamie and it is open for all.
25 Jan 2007 by Time
irc.de.ethnet.eu delinks from ircsource
qam has announced that the box hosting irc.de.ethnet.eu experienced a hardware failure and is having to delink as a consequence.

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