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12 Apr 2018 by korozion
Cleanup 2018
We've been hard at work cleaning up some of the old stuff, getting logged in to servers and admin pages.

We're busy getting things sorted, so watch for more news soon!

12 Sep 2017 by korozion
IRCSource intermittently welcomes ircsource.cloudapp.net
While we're working on the link, remember that irc.ircsource.net is a round-robin address to connect you to any other IRCsource server!
10 Aug 2017 by korozion
irc.blackened.com rename
irc.blackened.com renamed to irc.goodfuck.org somewhere around September 2016
10 Aug 2017 by korozion
The date.. the date..
Yep, it's been a while since an update. We're busy trying to piece together the latest changes and will update as we remember.
07 Aug 2016 by korozion
Welcome to irc.gentoo.ca!
We would like to welcome burn and irc.gentoo.ca. Stop by #ircsource and say hi and welcome him. irc.gentoo.ca is open to all and located in Canada.
25 Apr 2015 by korozion
irc.coruscant.org Rename
irc.coruscant.org has been renamed to irc.unworldly.nl. It is still run by butcha in the same physical location and has been migrated to new hardware.
12 Aug 2014 by korozion
New Server - irc.ninjakill.net Links to IRCsource
Please give a warm welcome to irc.ninjakill.net. This server is hosted in Singapore and is administered by sps. prez and snugglo are opers. Drop by and say hello!
11 Jul 2014 by korozion
Happy Summer
Happy Summer from all of us at IRCsource!
26 May 2014 by korozion
Welcome to ircsource.orbitor.net!
We are happy to welcome ircsource.orbitor.net. It was linked earlier this month and is open to all users.

ircsource.orbitor.net is located in France and is administrated by sps and opered by prez and snugglo.
02 May 2014 by korozion
Sorry About That
We're back! Apologies for the gap in posting, we've had a lot of changes around here. We are looking for new servers and of course, new users. Applications for servers can be submitted via the web site and users are always welcome on any one of our servers.

Watch for new news coming very soon.

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