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About IRCsource

IRCsource is a relatively new network formed on the 1st December 2005 by approximately two thirds of the servers and admins of the then existing HYBnet (Hybrid Networks). After a long term of disagreement on the future of the network it was decided to have a peaceful split of the network where those of us who wanted started our own network - IRCsource.

IRCsource is a network for friends who all have a long time experience on irc. It is a small community where usercount does not matter, but rather who is a part of it. It is a democracy that has majority vote per server on all cases and there is no "leader group" or "core group" who have a veto on decisions.

Most of us are irc'ers who have been in the game for many years and for us it is a network where we can test, talk and "do it the right way".

We welcome new servers and people who share our desire to help each other understand irc better and create a stable and good network to be on where power is not the main focus.