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12 Oct 2023 by korozion
Ice Is Back With A Brand New Invention
Or something ...

Tydel is back! This time with irc.tydel.net

Welcome back!
20 Sep 2023 by korozion
irc.gentoo.ca Relink
Welcome back, irc.gentoo.ca. It is now located in Chicago and the admin is burn.
02 Jun 2023 by korozion
2023 Update
There has been a push recently to get things back in shape around here. Many thanks to our newer folks as well as the old timers, and everyone in between. We've updated some of the code the website runs on, so you may see some HTML tags in the older posts.

Welcome to our most recent server, ircsource.se! It was linked in on March 11, 2023, is located in Tallberg, Sweden, and the admin is Jonaz.

07 Feb 2021 by korozion
2021 Update
Well it's been a minute, and a crazy year or so. We at IRCsource hope you're well.

Keep an eye here for updates, coming soon.
11 Apr 2018 by korozion
Cleanup 2018
We've been hard at work cleaning up some of the old stuff, getting logged in to servers and admin pages.

We're busy getting things sorted, so watch for more news soon!
12 Sep 2017 by korozion
IRCSource intermittently welcomes ircsource.cloudapp.net
While we're working on the link, remember that irc.ircsource.net is a round-robin address to connect you to any other IRCsource server!
10 Aug 2017 by korozion
irc.blackened.com rename
irc.blackened.com renamed to irc.goodfuck.org somewhere around September 2016
10 Aug 2017 by korozion
The date.. the date..
Yep, it's been a while since an update. We're busy trying to piece together the latest changes and will update as we remember.
07 Aug 2016 by korozion
Welcome to irc.gentoo.ca!
We would like to welcome burn and irc.gentoo.ca. Stop by #ircsource and say hi and welcome him. irc.gentoo.ca is open to all and located in Canada.
25 Apr 2015 by korozion
irc.coruscant.org Rename
irc.coruscant.org has been renamed to irc.unworldly.nl. It is still run by butcha in the same physical location and has been migrated to new hardware.

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